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Connexion Bizarre update 20101129

Weekly recap of the Connexion Bizarre electronic music webzine... In the past week, the following content was published on Connexion Bizarre: an interview with American glam-noise industrial rock-stars Alter Der Ruine, a few reviews, a further instalment of the White Noise column and a few recommended online releases (free ones, as in "free beer").


"Aqualung" with music selection by M.
Podcast tracklists


Ruine Process - an interview with Alter Der Ruine
Alter Der Ruine was brainspawned in 2005 as a device to get soft shoes to tap to a heavy beat. To compound this simple plan an intricate execution was employed. Long story short, 2 Mikes and 1 Jacob got together and made a racket that took the scenic route to its destination.


False Mirror - Derelict World
"Derelict World" is the newest album from dark ambient artist False Mirror, released via stalwart label Malignant. Firstly, I must ask your forgiveness for me for being a bit long winded here, but there is much to say about this release. The major thing I want to emphasize is that it is truly an album, a coherent and calculated whole.

Tokee - Quintuplet
With "Quintuplet" tokee not only delivers five fresh tracks, but also a sizeable selection of top-notch remixes; a limited release that, thankfully, plays like a brand new full-length.

Mathieu Ruhlmann - As A Leaf Or A Stone
On "As A Leaf Or A Stone" Mathieu Ruhlmann shows us how hard it is to put a label on art. The six tracks are a perfect example of soundart in its purest form.

Recommended Netlabel Releases
Ambassador 21 feat. Converter "New Doctrine About Trinity EP" (Invasion Digital)
Headdreamer "Remixed" (Aliens Production)
Various "5 Years" (Bad Sekta)
Various "cum to my house. i have beer, i have scotch, there will be drugs!" (Bugs Crawling Out Of People)

And that's about it for this week's update. More to come next week...

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