Connexion Bizarre (connexion) wrote in sfrivethead,
Connexion Bizarre

Sex! Drugs! Lemmings! (2010 edition)

Ever heard of truth in advertising? So have we and this certainly isn't an example of it... Anyway, if you clicked this, you're bound to be curious and perhaps have a sense of humour (sorely needed)...

The electronic music webzine Connexion Bizarre (that's is searching for people to join its staff of writers. We are looking for people with good knowledge of electronic music (irrespective of scene), who have a critical mindset (as impartial as possible) and are capable of writing coherent opinion articles in very good/fluent english.

If you are interested, please mail us at info(at)connexionbizarre(dot)net, preferably attaching a couple of samples of your writing (if you have done music reviews in the past), telling us a bit about yourself and prefered music styles, etc and we can work from there.

All the best,

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