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Connexion Bizarre update 20101206

This is the weekly recap of the Connexion Bizarre electronic music webzine... In the past week, the following content was published on Connexion Bizarre: an interview with Ron Scalzo of Bald Freak Music, several music reviews, the release of Sylvgheist Maelstrom's "Lahar - Part Two" album and last but not least, our weekly podcast.


"Dreams in the Witch House with music selection by:JW:
Podcast tracklists


Sylvgheist M- Lahar (Part Two)
"Lahar (Part Two)" picks up where part one left off, being an evocation of the Mount Saint-Helens event, (18th in may 1980, 08h32) where a huge and massive volcanic material earth movement (a Lahar) has destroyed human civilization in Washington state. The concept is to describe as a sound, the deep and uncontrollable movement of nature.


Bald Freak Music: an interview with Ron Scalzo
Bald Freak Music is the brainchild of Ron Scalzo, erstwhile radio employee, musician, & all-around good guy. Having shared many a respective horror story involving both independent & major labels with friends & other artists, Scalzo came to the conclusion that "just because a label can do something, doesn’t mean they will."


Phaenon – His Master’s Voice
Sadly, "His Master's Voice" doesn't quite bring anything new to the table in terms of genre advancement. It's just more of the same ambient that fifty other producers are generating. So there's no denying that it's clever stuff, but that's about its greatest drawcard.

Mikroben Krieg – Final Cut
Mikroben Krieg fills the gap between the drum'n'bass-styled IDM of the likes of Squarepusher and that of the more dance-oriented IDM of Haujobb, even going so far as to border on EBM .

Danielle de Picciotto & Alexander Hacke – Hitman’s Heel
A significant break from both Neubauten and their Lovecraftian ambient soundscape work, "Hitman's Heel" is an excursion into unhealthy Americana, troubling blues and haunted fairytales, drawing on Tom Waits and Nick Cave as obvious points of reference but creeping off from there deep into the woods. Read more...

And that's about it for this week's update. More to come next week...
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